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Prime Saffron 3 gr - Prime Saffron
Prime Saffron 3 gr - Prime Saffron

Prime Saffron grade A 3 gr

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Organic produce.
Packed in Manchester

BEST SAFFRON Sargol Saffron Highly Valued.
Our Sargol saffron is made up of the red stigmas which have been professionally cut and separated from the flower prior to drying, resulting in the highest quality saffron threads available.

Most popular variety of high quality saffron is Sargol. Grade A Sargol saffron is pure and contains stigma without style. Colouring power is very high (above 250 USP), with virtually no broken stigmas.

'Sar' means head and 'Gol' means flower. So 'Sargol' literally means, head of the flower. High quality saffron 'Sargol' refers to the top half of the stigma.